Do you know these facts about Eiffel Tower?

And do we know about these marvelous facts about the renowned monument Eiffel Tower!


  1. Eiffel tower was constructed for Paris Exposition 1889, and the construction wasn’t meant to be permanent.
  2. In 1909 its demolishment was stopped as it was assumed to serve the purpose of the giant radio antenna.
  3. The cables of Eiffel tower’s lifts were cut during WWII so that Hitler has to climb the stairs if he wanted to go to the top.
  4. Due to temperature, the height of Eiffel tower varies by about 5.9 inches.
  5. 1665 steps make one reach to the top of Eiffel tower.
  6. 20000 bulbs enhance the glory of the monument
  7. The monument has about 30 replicas of it’s all around the world.
  8. Weight of 10 elephants is equal to the weight of paint required to paint Eiffel tower
  9. The constructor, Gustave Eiffel had an apartment at the top of the tower.

10 Gustave Eiffel is also the person behind designing Spain’s beauty- Statue of liberty!

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