Indian Brands that you thought were Foreign


Mera Bharat Mahan, we tend to agree with this phrase wholeheartedly. But then the human fallacy sets in and exceptions come about. Foreign brands always have this aura around them that Indian brands fail to have. Perhaps, that is why people tend to prefer Zara over Max. But then there are a few brands, not just in the clothing industry, which you maybe thought were not Indian but just happen to be so.

Royal Enfield:

Royal Enfield

The brand Enfield is famous throughout India. The Bullet is something anyone will be proud of and it is special that way, not everyone who can buy it can carry it. The skeptical Indian might say that this British brand has a legacy that no Indian brand can match, but he is wrong. It is no British brand, not anymore that is. It is now owned by Eicher motors limited, which is an Indian automaker.


Louis Phillipe:

Louis Philippe Logo

The brand Louis Philipe is a namesake of the 19th-century French monarch. A glamorous, premium brand which has a major margin in the Indian market is not some French brand. It is actually a part of the Madura Fashion and Lifestyle house. It was launched in the year 1989 and is known for its trademark crest, visible in almost all of its shirts, t-shirts, and cardigans.

Van Heusen:

VanHeusen Logo

Van Heusen is a Dutch name. However, it is an Indian brand. It has a wide variety of the formal and semi-formal categories. It is one of the Indian high street fashion brands. The brand is actually by an American group, however, in India and other South Asian countries, the brand is sold under the umbrella of Madura Fashion and Lifestyle.

Da Milano:


The extremely Italian sounding premium fashion brand called Da Milano is very, very Indian. The brand is famous for its exquisite leather goods and its significant emblem of a stag’s silhouette. The brand has a policy of lifetime care. Any product of Da Milano has a lifetime warranty and will be repaired by any shop, anywhere in the country.

Flying Machine:

Flying Machine logo

The brand is famed for its rugged denim products. Primarily catering to young adults to people in the 39-40-year-old ceiling. The brand originally had a designer from Italy. Nevertheless, it was and always has been totally indigenous to India. It also has the distinction of being India’s  first homegrown denim-centric brand. it emerged in the year 1980 under the banner of Arvind Lifestyle Brands Ltd.


WestSide Store

The brand Westside does not belong to the West and has actually originated in the East, India to be precise. The brand is mainly known for the fresh fashion it offers and also for catering to all age groups. It also has counters for cosmetics and miscellany. The brand is owned by Trent, which is owned by the massive Tata and Sons conglomerate worth about $100 billion.

You may have known some of the above-mentioned brands were Indian, but certainly learned something new. Our country has vast potential and if channeled properly we can achieve something similar to what these distinguished brands have. Prime Minister Modi does not have to worry about involving the fashion industry in his Make in India initiative.


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