Did you know about “International Court of Justice”.


‘Let the world perish, justice must prevail.’ In all free nations, the Judiciary is an institution that is looked up to. We seek justice for ourselves, the courts are the institutions which hand it out to us.
Almost every country has a Supreme court. But, there is only one International Court of Justice.The International Court of Justice is seated in the Hague, Netherlands.
The court was set up in 1945 and is one of the principal organs of the United Nations. It is housed in a building called the Peace Palace. The composition of the court is fixed at 15 judges of different nationalities, from all corners of the world. Each of them serves a 9-year term, with five judges retiring every three years. No two judges from the same nation can be judges in the ICJ one time.
The UN Charter gives the International Court of Justice the power to make its own laws. The
decisions of the Court may seem hollow, as it does not have an instrument through which it can enforce its decisions. However, the Court has the power to direct the Security Council for
enforcement action. However, this clause of the statute is not always efficient as a conflict of
interest may emerge between the Security Council and a member of the Security Council, which has the supreme power of a veto.
As any other international institution, the International Court has had its fair share of successes and failures. One instance that can be remembered easily is that of the frontier conflict between Holland and Belgium. Plots of land that showed up in the surveys of nations, put the countries at odds. However, the court came to the decision that the sovereignty of Belgium over these lands since 1843 was never extinguished and thus, the plot belonged to Belgium. Another case was the famous Fisheries case between Britain and Norway, where the decision was given in the favor of Norway.
Nevertheless, there were a few failures on the part of the International Court also. Britain once accuses Albania of planting mines on the island of Corfu. The Court asked Albania to pay the price of £1 million. Albania refused to pay, proclaiming that the Court had no right to judge the case.
Another case when the Court faltered was the case between the United States of America vs Nicaragua. The conflict of interest, heavily hurt the Court’s prestige.
The Court is the most prestigious judicial institution in the world. The current President is a
Frenchman, Justice Ronny Abraham. The current Vice President, Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf, is from Somalia. The seat of the Court is also a major tourist attraction. It is the only organ of the UN which is outside the UN compound in New York.



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