Premature Dreams

What if today happens what you dreamt today while sleeping. What if you could by your dreams know what bad or good will take place with you the next day? Honestly, if this would have happened to me I would either turn up the bad and try avoiding all such situations leading to bad or eagerly await for the good about to happen!

Well, this is actually a property of dreaming when you could actually see what is about happen within few days. Although it never happens with everyone we still got people in history who have seen their future through eyes of dreams. These dreams are termed as premotion dreams which itself holds to be an interesting and bizarre fact award.

Some people are known to have seen their future through dreams or shall I say now are premotion dreamers are:

  • Abraham Lincoln saw His Assassination in the dream.
  • Many of the victims of 9/11 claimed to have dreams which warned them about the catastrophe.
  • Mark Twain dreamt of the demise of the brother.
  • 19 verified precognitive dreams were reported about the Titanic catastrophe.

So the newest time you encounter with some known to saw in dream incident, remember gyanopedia!

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