New microparticle rich in oxygen which could directly be injected into the patients’ bloodstream

Oxygen acts as a free gift of God, which not only helps human but also animals and few plants as well for sustaining a good healthy life. But what if a day due to severe nose block or chocked windpipe you can’t breathe? Imagine yourself in a condition of condition where your lungs couldn’t receive a proper amount of oxygen and eventually choke to death.
Lets first actually know what actually happens, while we breathe. As we intake oxygen, it passes through our windpipe, getting purified our lungs receive it purifying it to the greatest extent and sending to our red blood corpuscles (RBCs). This leads to an oxygen-rich blood blooding helping us lead a healthy life. So basically it’s our blood that needs oxygen and lungs (respiratory system) acts as the agent providing it.
For such cases, Scientists came up with a new microparticle, with oxygen filled in it such that, it could be injected into the sufferer’s bloodstream, helping him to be alive even if his lungs don’t respond. But first, the question arises, what actually microparticles are? The microparticles are small capsules of about 2 to 4 micrometers having a single layer of lipids surrounded by a small bubble of oxygen gas. The lipids may include waxes, certain vitamins, monoglycerides, diglycerides, triglycerides, phospholipids, or, as in this case, fats. The oxygen is suspended in a liquid so that the bubbles don’t get any bigger because the bigger the size of the bubble, the injurious to life it would be. Also, a reason to this suspension is finding suspended particle easy to carry out by the paramedics, emergency crews and intensive care personnel(ICPs).
By injecting this capsule-filled with the liquid containing oxygen bubble in the bloodstream, the capsules crashes into red blood cells, transferring this oxygen gas from the bubble in the capsule to the cells. About 70% of the oxygen gets injected successfully making its way directly to the blood cells.
According to Quarks to Quasars reports, in a 2012 study, scientists injected thus microparticle filled with oxygen into a rabbits’ bloodstreams, whose windpipes were blocked! It managed to live for up to 15 minutes, which is quite enough for doctors to treat the patient with risking the permanent injury to brain or heart failure.
According to John Kheir, a cardiologist and the discoverer of this wonderful oxygen-rich microparticle, these are easy and cheap to make and can assemble on their own i.e. “Self-Assemble” when its lipids are exposed to sound waves surrounded by an oxygen-rich environment! Which means, these particles can’t be destroyed!
He also adds that the idea for the same came through his mind when he has to treat a little girl suffering Pneumonia while having severe head injuries as well! Although the girl couldn’t be saved the idea eventually would lead to many life-saving operations.
The only limitation these microparticles come up with is, one microparticle could support a maximum lifespan of 30 minutes, which means that it has to be injected into the patient’s body again and again. Also, as for a human body, as no one can actually tell that for how long the body would respond to anything being injected into it, the microparticle still needs some advancement to provide a long lifespan!


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