Some myths, you must know!

And do we still believe in these old historical myths? Maybe a few lying under you know but what about other? Gyanopedia is here with some fascinating myth-breaking facts.
1.Not Walt Disney but his company’s chief animator Ub Iwerks drew the first Mickey mouse.
2.Vincent van Gogh didn’t get his whole ear cut off but only a part of his earlobe.
3.Napoleon wasn’t actually short. He was 1.7 meters long!
4.Sileri was never jealous of Mozart. He was actually more famous, also being the conductor of the court.
5.Ferdinand Magellan died half a way of his journey while circumnavigating the earth, he couldn’t navigate the earth fully!
6.Cleopatra wasn’t from Egypt. He actually belonged to Greek ancestry.
7.Einstein excelled in Science during his school times and was never a failure or underachiever.
8.Not bulbs, but Edison found a way to keep the bulbs glowing constantly.
9.Apple never fell on Newton’s head! He fell aside him.



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