Sulfemoglobinemia- it is not just hulk who has green blood

sulfhemoglobinemia-A Rare condition of green blood
sulfhemoglobinemia-A Rare condition of green blood

sulfhemoglobinemia is a rare condition of green blood

Sulfhemoglobinemia (or sulfhaemoglobinaemia) is an uncommon condition in which there is overabundance sulfhemoglobin (SulfHb) in the blood. The color is a greenish subsidiary of hemoglobin which can’t be changed over back to typical, useful hemoglobin. It causes cyanosis even at low blood levels.

It is an uncommon blood condition that happens when a sulfur iota is joined into the hemoglobin particle. At the point when hydrogen sulfide (H2S) (or sulfideions) and ferric particles join in the blood, the blood is unequipped for conveying oxygen.


sulfhemoglobinemia-A Rare condition of green blood
Green Blood

This can be caused by taking drugs that contain sulfonamidesunder certain conditions (i.e., overdosing of sumatriptan).

Sulfhemoglobinemia is typically sedate initiated. Medications related to sulfhemoglobinemia incorporate sulphonamides and sulfasalazine. Another conceivable reason is the word related introduction to sulfur mixes. It can be caused by phenazopyridine.


Visualization and treatment 

The condition by and large purposes itself with erythrocyte (red platelet) turnover, in spite of the fact that blood transfusions can be important in outrageous cases.


Indications incorporate a pale blue or greenish staining of the blood, skin, and mucous layers, despite the fact that a blood check test may not demonstrate any irregularities in the blood. This staining is called cyanosis, and is caused by more prominent than 5 grams for each penny of deoxyhemaglobinemia, or 1.5 grams for every penny of methemaglobinemia, or 0.5 grams for each penny of sulphemaglobinemia, all genuine restorative variations from the norm.


Prominent cases 

On June 8, 2007, Canadian anesthesiologists Dr. Stephan Schwarz, Dr. Giuseppe Del Vicario, and Dr. Alana Flexman displayed an unordinary case in The Lancet. A 42-year-old male patient was brought into Vancouver’s St. Paul’s Hospital in the wake of nodding off in a stooping position, which caused compartment disorder and a development of

sulfhemoglobinemia-A Rare condition of green blood

weight in his legs. At the point when specialists drew the man’s blood before playing out the surgery to mitigate the weight from the man’s legs, they noticed his blood was green. An example of the blood was instantly sent to a lab. For this situation, sulfhemoglobinaemia was conceivably caused by the patient taking higher-than-endorsed dosages of sumatriptan.


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