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The medivial India’s vimanas used to work on mercury vortex engines!

And ever wondered how did the vimanas(planes) use to work in mythology. Remember the epic of Ramayana, where Ravana kidnapped Sita on his plane?
India is a country with a huge mythology known to have discovered many modern technologies which were forgotten by time. One of such technology was vimanas or the plane designed by the geniuses of those times. But certainly, the only question when we think about such discoveries is how did they work? The answer to this hides down under here.
These planes were known to run on Mercury Vortex engines. These engines are known to generate a magnetic vortex which effectively and efficiently neutralizes the effects of gravity on mass.  Another reason of using vortexes was, it used to produce electrical energy. These used to work as turbines rotated with help of mercury. The mercury here used to produce heat which was applied at such a point that it helps to move the magnetic shaft, thus producing electrical energy. Also, mercury acts as a semiconductor for extremely high currents, supporting the electrical energy produced by the shaft moment. These planes were known to be lightest in weight which could hold much of weights over them.
Well, let’s also know what vortex actually is. According to concepts of fluid mechanics, vortex stands as a portion/region of a fluid in which the flow rotates around an axis line, that could be straight or curved. These are used to replace chimneys being created by less amount of air and at low cost.
So it could be concluded that India in its earliest times had a little knowledge of aeronautics whose traves could be drawn from 3000 verses from 8 chapters of Vimanika Shastra (A book on planes, written in those times). So now when you see a plane flying in any mythological series, do remember us!

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