World smallest periodic table was a Gift!

Gifts come up as special means of love. They show care, affection, and love. Same affection has been shown by the scientists of Nottingham, England to Martyn Poliakoff, a chemistry professor. He has been gifted with world’s smallest periodic table, engraved on his own hair strand breaking the Guinness World’s record.
The periodic table is a display of all known chemical elements, constantly changing as new discoveries give us deeper insight into the various building blocks that make up the universe.
A gallium ion beam writer and an electron microscope have been used to write on this single strand. The table measures 89.67×46.39 microns, which by reports of Guinness World’s record has been confirmed to be the smallest inscripts.
Poliakoff to this remarks,“I am delighted.  In my wildest nightmares, I have never imagined being in the Guinness World Records, least of all in connection with my hair. The fact that I am is a tribute to the University’s Nanotechnology Center.”

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